When calls the heart…ehm, rather, when Puglia and Radici del sud calls, you go…and, even more so when there is wine to taste. The opportunity to go for three days to Puglia is, of course, even more, precious in this period of pandemic longue durée (see more about my discussion of longue durée in the article A Year in Need of Sparkling Wine Surprises). Therefore, the Radici del sud wine competition this weekend has been like a fresh breath for all of us in the small wine jury. Add to that a visit to Gravina and Botromagno winery.


As Maurizio…

Photo by Douglas Lopez on Unsplash

We have officially entered 2021 and we all hope for a better year and for the pandemic to slowly fade away. We need a lot of positive vibes and push ourselves to get into the right positive mindset. Wine can be a good way of finding the right mood. Come with us in the Italian food, Wine, and Travel Group where we delve deeper into Favorite Italian Reds or Whites for 2021.

Can wine be a part of our mental as well as general wellness? Well, I believe it has shown during the last year how it has become a…

What better way to put a sparkle on the Christmas holidays this particular year than with some excellent sparkling wine? Join the Italian Food, Wine, and Travel (#ItalianFWT) group this month to learn more about Italian sparkling wines.

December with #ItalianFWT

The theme this month, December 2020, is Sparkling Wines of Italy for the Holidays in the Italian Food, Wine, and Travel (#ItalianFWT) group. I will be talking about three sparkling wines from the three regions Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany, and Campania.

Photo by Simon John-McHaffie on Unsplash

A Long Year in Need of Sparkles

This year has been so grueling and tough, it has put so much pressure on the world from a point of health and…

Tuccanese — A Sangiovese From a Pugliese Perspective



Photo courtesy of Leonardo Guidacci.

The Tuccanese grape has been on my mind for quite some time, and as you know by now I am a sucker for lesser-known and somewhat obscure grapes and wines.

Tuccanese is, however, not a very easy wine to find. There are only a couple of producers (as far as I have understood) in Orsara in the Dauni Mountains that produce this very unique wine.

I was actually in Orsara two years ago more or less but I never had the possibility to…

Here, I will discuss two different Chianti Classico wineries from two different sub-zones in that area. The Chianti theme has been extended also to November in the Italian Food, Wine, and Travel group. Thus, I have chosen to talk about the two wineries Leonardo Manetti in Greve in Chianti and Fattoria di Montemaggio close to Radda in Chianti.

Two areas very close on the map yet very different in terms of the wines they produce. Last month, I wrote about the Vignaioli di Radda and the concept of zoning and sub-associations within the Chianti Classico consortium. …

Summer & Ciliegiolo Wine by the Pool at Fattoria di Fibbiano

Sometimes it is good to dream back a bit to a summer day when you were sipping on Ciliegiolo wine by the pool in good company.

On this rainy September Sunday, where some parts of Italy has suffered heavy torrential rain and landslides, to not forget Hurricane Irma pulling in over Florida right this moment, I was sitting thinking back to the summer. More specifically, I was looking and sorting through the photos from the last few months.

Some of these photos were from an outing to Fattoria di…

Podere Palazzo — An Organic Winery in the Heart of Romagna at #ItalianFWT

When my friend Lynn Gowdy said they had chosen Emilia-Romagna as a regional theme for the #ItalianFWT during the month of September, I asked to write an article about Podere Palazzo, an organic winery in the heart of Romagna, for the group.

Having swung by Emilia-Romagna a month ago to visit a couple of wineries, Enio Ottaviani winery and Braschi — Vigne e Vini, I thought the timing was just perfect to share my discoveries with all of you.

This month, the wine and food writers in…

Talking Wine Education with Val & Steph from Wine-Two-Five at WinesOfItaly

We started out on November 22nd by proposing a toast to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of #WinesOfItaly #LiveStream and then Valerie Caruso and Stephanie Davis, who are into wine education and podcasting, presented themselves. They both have Italian ancestry; Valerie from Abruzzo and Stephanie from Sicily. Val and Steph got to know each other being in a study group for becoming certified wine educators (CWS) in Colorado in the US. …

3 Thoughts on How to Rock Your Social Media (Wine) Presence

Here I am, this is me…as Bryan Adams sing.

This is the first article in my new Wine&Social series on my blog where I will write about how to use social media in the wine world. However, this is not at all going to be about me, but about YOU.

The idea of creating a Wine&Social section came to me during the past year when I have been so lucky as to be able to travel around and visit wineries and wine events in many parts of Italy, and…

The program for the #WinesOfItaly #LiveStreams during December is ready. The guests are some amazing wine producers here in Tuscany. After having had some different types of guests during the last few weeks, with the oenologist Valentino Ciarla and Stephanie Davis & Valerie Caruso from the podcast Wine Two Five, I am now back to Italian wine producers again. Then, just before Christmas, we will do something a bit different…

December 6th — Monterotondo Winery, Gaiole, Tuscany

On Tuesday, December 6th, my guest will be Saverio Basagni from Monterotondo Winery in Gaiole. He produces wine in the Chianti Classico area and he has a philosophy all of…

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