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  • Martin Rance

    Martin Rance

    Nessuno sa come si pronunci il cognome. Sommelier FISAR. Senza tessere di partito, non se ne vanta. Sostiene che lavorare stanca.

  • The Italian Wine Freak

    The Italian Wine Freak

    A young sommelier who explores the world of wine with great committment and enthusiasm. Follow my journey!

  • David Hanson

    David Hanson

    Trying to make sense of these nonsensical #markets #growthhacker #Investor #BusinessAnalyst #Writer. So much in One Man :)

  • Diego Migliaro

    Diego Migliaro

    Comunicación del #Vino en Mi Lado V® | WSET® L3 #Wines | 🍷

  • Shelley Webb

    Shelley Webb

    Affordable social marketing and content creation: http://ShelleyWebb.com; R.N. (@ShelleyWebbRN), friend of the earth

  • Carolyn Portanova

    Carolyn Portanova

    mom of 2 | marketer | la réponse est toujours l’amour ❤ et toujours la plage 💚

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