My End Of Year Anti-Wine List

Katarina Andersson
6 min readDec 31, 2022

…rooting for the underdogs in the wine world.

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November and December are always the months when all the wine lists from various wine publications, wine bloggers, and wine influencers come out. The Top 100, Top 50, Top 10, his or her’s comments on this or that Top list, and on it goes. An endless line of Top this or Best that, the list of the best wines had, the best memories, moments, my dog’s best moments — joking — that start to make you slightly bored by Christmas. Add to this that it is mostly the same wines or type of wines, or at least the same kind of wines, on these lists every year.

Therefore, I have decided to do the Anti-Top List of Wine. This means that it is not a list, not that I, in general, would make a list anyway. Well, in the end, there might be some pro-list comments but in a support of the marginalized wine categories in an anti-lists way. My idea was to talk about three categories of wine or wine producers that are rarely ending up on a major list. I do know that it is all about marketing and perhaps pay-to-play and that the wines often need to be available in the US. But “wouldn’t it be nice” if there was a different outlook on wine with wine lists rooting for the underdog?

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Only Native Grapes from (More or Less) Lesser-Known Areas

There is such a rich heritage of lesser-known indigenous grapes not only in Italy but in many wine regions all over the world. Why are we still so narrow-minded that we 95% of the time focus on the same 4–5 grapes and styles of wines constantly? I am aware that there is an industry for fine wines, cult wines, and wine investment and I am not against that. It is a small click of people who have the possibility and power to invest in wine though.

On the other hand, I think it would be a sign of greatness and inclusion to award wines that have been made with indigenous grapes and in a way that supports the winemaking techniques and styles in the specific wine areas. Taking a standpoint and being inclusive in all aspects has been paramount for the last couple of years, especially in the US. In my opinion, supporting…



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