Talking Wine Education with Val & Steph from Wine-Two-Five at WinesOfItaly

We started out on November 22nd by proposing a toast to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of #WinesOfItaly #LiveStream and then Valerie Caruso and Stephanie Davis, who are into wine education and podcasting, presented themselves. They both have Italian ancestry; Valerie from Abruzzo and Stephanie from Sicily. Val and Steph got to know each other being in a study group for becoming certified wine educators (CWS) in Colorado in the US. From the friendship that they formed via the study group, they then ended up talking about starting a wine podcast, which resulted in Wine Two Five.

Wine Two Five — Learning about Wine with a Smile

Wine Two Five is a podcast show talking about wine in a humorous way combining wine education and entertainment, making it into so-called wine-edutainment. They are talking about wine in a fun way for everyday people, as they specify on their website. During the last two years, they have had an impressive series of guests who are linked to the wine world in some way. Me included! 😉 Anyway, more prominent guests than me include Karen McNeil who is the author of the Wine Bible, Erik Asimov who is a wine writer for The New York Times, Violet Grgich from Grgich Hill Estate, Jeremy Parzen who has the blog Do Bianchi, and Suzanne Hoffman who is the author of Labor of Love: Wine Family Women of Piemonte. Go and have a look at their website, to check out all the other fabulous guests.

Stand out in the Wine Community

They told us in the #WinesOfItaly #LiveStream that they wanted to be different and stand out and not do a show where they only interviewed different wine producers. They felt that the market was saturated with that kind of content. They instead decided they wanted to differentiate themselves and their content as much as possible. They wanted to cover everything from the latest trends and innovative things to more historical topics.

Furthermore, they wanted to add each of their own personal touch and backgrounds in order to show that wine can be subjective. Here we can refer to the human to human touch again, as I discussed with Valentino Ciarla when he was a guest at my live stream. (See the article Valentino Ciarla — The Vision of an Oenologist at WinesOfItaly.) Wine Two Five is thus yet another proof of the fact that the human side behind a brand is very important in order to better relate to your fans.

Val and Steph are very good at interacting with their listeners and fans too by always asking for their feedback and what they want to learn more about. On the website, you can actually send a voice message directly to them with a comment or a question.

From Daring Wine Pairings to Wine Tourism at Smaller Wineries

With Val & Steph from Wine Two Five, we further discussed the role of a sommelier in the US versus Italy and the idea of more daring wine pairings or how it is all about the personal taste in wine. Another topic, relating to their podcast where they also talk about wine travel and tourism (wine is indeed a journey in itself), was more intimate wine visits at smaller wineries. Together we agreed on that it nowadays is more interesting to organize visits for small groups at smaller wineries where you get to see directly how and where they work. Then, you can enjoy a wine tasting with the wine producer him/herself.

To learn more about what we discussed at this #WinesOfItaly #LiveStream, you can listen to the entire episode below.

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Written by Katarina Andersson.

Originally published at on January 4, 2017.

PhD, Wine Writer, Sommelier, Social Media Strategist for Wineries, Translator, founder of #WinesOfItaly #LiveStream-every Wedn 19.00CET/10amPT-Football fan

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